Betsy Chiu

  • Rank: 1st Degree Black Belt
  • Earned: 2018
  • Started: 4 years old

    • 2009 Taekwondo Sparring Invitational Tournament (Hong Kong) – Winner 
    • 2010 Children and Youth Taekwondo Elite Invitational Tournament (Hong Kong) – Winner

I started Taekwondo when I was 4. I used to go to Bugsy’s practice every week and see him practice and hang out with other kids at the school, and I thought, why don’t I join too so I can play with everyone during class. After I joined, it became a big part of my life, and I realized Taekwondo class is not only about having fun with other kids. It is a sport that requires concentration, body exercise, and a lot of practice. Taekwondo has helped me to become a more active and well-disciplined kid growing up.

Taekwondo did not just train me to become an athlete. It has also built up my confidence and helped me to gain control over my body and action. But what motivated me was the determination to finish my Taekwondo journey. Never quit and give up without finishing the journey.

“The only thing that is impossible is impossibility.

Phineas Flynn